Energy Healings are powerful and transformative. 

Energy healings are for clients who have tried to move their lives forward and yet have been unable to do so.  Sometimes the client’s themselves recognize a particular pattern or block that keeps repeating in their lives no matter what they do to remove it. Other clients have experienced trauma or a major life event that makes it hard for them to live their lives in the way they would like, and they aren't sure how to shift it. These imprints can be healed effectively and powerfully through shamanic work if the client is committed to their own healing.

As a shaman, I guide clients through healing old wounds (imprints), soul loss, family or generational imprints, past life contracts and extract intrusive energies.  While these terms may be unfamiliar to some clients, part of session work is learning what these terms refer to and how they affect us. Shamanic work is experiential, so you will learn by doing. I assist clients in understanding why they are feeling stuck, afraid or unfulfilled, and through session work, clients develop healthier beliefs and practice new habits that will help them heal. I can help my clients recognize and bring in their life’s true calling, and provide support as their lives change and they make the choices that align with their healing. Clients may find that emotional and physical symptoms they are experiencing dissipate, and that their perception of themselves and the world around them shifts. I have also helped loved ones cross over through a process called Death Rites, assisting both those who remain and those who have passed.  

I cannot recommend working with Vanessa highly enough. It is not easy work, but it is ultimately very rewarding. It is one thing to have an intellectual understanding of one’s “stuff,” but it is another to really dig in and face and feel and transmute it into something that doesn’t hold you back. Doing this work has helped me face dysfunctional patterns I had been working very hard to hide from myself and given me new tools for dealing with old situations.
— Patrick C.

Clients interested in energy healing must commit to a minimum of three 1 hour sessions in order to integrate the work into their system, unless you have done energy work with Elaine La Joie or Marv and Shanon Harwood.  If you would like to discuss this commitment in further detail, please feel free to email me.  Sessions can last between an hour and an hour and a half at the most. All sessions are conducted over the phone, and I ask that clients call me on my office line at the appointed time. Although this may seem strange, it is all energetic and therefore outside of space and time. The physical body can often be a distraction. For more information on what to expect in session, please see my FAQs page. To pay for energy healings, see the Purchase page.

I prefer to schedule the three sessions two weeks apart.  If a client feels that they would like to to continue working with me, we will discuss the recommended path forward during session. Clients should be prepared that this work requires a commitment of both time and money over many weeks. Payment for each session is due no later than the day before the healing.  I invoice through email using PayPal, but you can also pay for energy healing on my Purchase page. Please contact me via email for confirmation and scheduling as I am often booked weeks in advance. Some clients pay for each session at a time, while some prefer to purchase a three session package. Please see my rescheduling and cancellation policy, as well as other helpful notes, on the FAQs page. The effectiveness of the healing depends on the client’s willingness to do the work of integration after the session, which in most cases can take weeks. Without exception, I ask that all my clients do the mythic homework assigned at the end of each session, which includes sandpaintings and altars. Please see my page on mythic homework for more information.  

Clients can expect a variety of experiences during the integration process, but some temporary upheaval can be expected.  While some clients may notice subtle changes, other clients may experience dramatic shifts coupled with emotional and physical responses. This is why I do not offer single sessions unless you have worked with me before. For more information on what it's like to do this type of healing work, I recommend this article on the healing process by Elaine La Joie and Volume 2 of her Empath as Archetype series, "The Empath and Shamanic Energy Work." For more information on what to expect in session, please also see my FAQs page. 

For many clients the first few sessions are just the beginning of profound and positive changes in their lives.  Most clients continue to work with me for at least six months, but it's always up to the client. The nature of shamanic work is one of incredible transformation, but it can often be intense. I only work with clients who are fully committed to their own healing and who are open to everything that comes forward. These clients not only receive support during scheduled sessions, but also email support and help with clearing their fields in between sessions if needed.  I have immense respect for my clients as they have the courage to take responsibility for what they have created in their lives and do the healing work that will empower them to create what they truly desire. Clients often find that through this process they discover their true purpose and they begin to experience what it feels like to be in ayni, or right balance.