how to contact me

If you're new to Soul Path Shamanic, you're welcome to use the form on the Contact page of this website or email me directly at  For all ongoing clients, please correspond with me via email unless otherwise arranged. You may call and leave a voicemail on my office line during regular business hours, but please note that I only pick up my office phone for scheduled consultation calls and sessions. I check voicemail during the day and will follow-up with you via email, so please leave your email address as part of your message. I do my best to respond within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Consultation CALLS

If you would prefer to have a consultation via phone prior to scheduling session work, I now offer short consultation calls designed to help you determine whether this work is a good fit and what direction to take. Calls are scheduled like sessions with clients calling me at the appointed day and time.  Consultations are 15-20 minutes maximum in length. Just email me to schedule.


If you haven't worked with me before, I do require an initial three session commitment for energy healing. Three sessions is enough for clients to begin to understand the work and to practice the tools. While most clients experience immediate shifts, it’s important to understand that to really become conscious of our shadow and heal imprints, it takes time, commitment and consistency. When I began my own personal work many years ago, my mentor advised me to expect to work with her for at least 6 months, and that some clients work with her for years. I have found this to be true in my own practice. After the minimum three sessions, most clients continue to work with me every two weeks for at least 6 months, with some continuing beyond that at either two week intervals or four week intervals. Some clients work with me for a certain amount of time, and years later may return for support in order to address a new challenge or manifest an additional shift in their lives.  It is always up to the client, and I will always give my track and the recommendation on a case-by-case basis. There is never any judgment. It's always the client's choice.

What To Expect

Energy healings, or energy work, can be intense. I recommend scheduling sessions on a day when you can have some down time afterwards, both to let the energy settle and to begin any homework. There is usually both emotional and physical release work following a session, and new beliefs and habits to practice. I recommend that you have a journal for session work where you can take notes during the session as necessary. I find it's very helpful as sometimes there is a lot of information that comes through (as well as homework assigned) and it's good to have something to refer to at a later date.  On the day and time of the scheduled session, I ask that clients call my office line. Sessions are usually an hour to an hour and a half minutes. If there is more work needed during that one session, the client can choose to add an additional 30 minute session at that point (if available), which is $85.  Please see my Energy Healings page for additional information, or look at my page on Intuitive Readings for a better understanding on what to expect. You can also browse through my blog for relevant posts.

Payment Policy

Payment in full is due upon receipt of the invoice in USD and must be received by Soul Path Shamanic Healing prior to the day of the session in order for session to proceed. Payment constitutes the client's agreement to release Soul Path Shamanic Healing and all its practitioners from all liability. Clients agree to assume sole responsibility for choosing to work with Soul Path Shamanic Healing and any and all effects of the session work, be it intuitive readings, energy healings, emotional, physical or mental. I invoice through email using PayPal, so please make sure I have the email you would like to use prior to invoicing.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

I understand that things happen, but in an effort to respect the work, sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled via email, with a confirmation of receipt from me, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. If the cancellation or rescheduling request is not received and confirmed 24 hours prior, then the client is required to pay for the missed session. If prior payment was made, payment is retained by Soul Path Shamanic Healing and there will be no refunds. The client must pay for an additional new session in order to be rescheduled. If a client is 15 minutes late to a scheduled session, I will do my best to accommodate the client, but in most circumstances that does not leave enough time and the session will need to be rescheduled to a future date and time. Scheduling a session constitutes agreement to these policies.

Interim Email Support

I offer email support and interim clearing between sessions to ongoing clients who have appointments booked with me. Clients must be scheduled clients who are on the books in order to receive this type of support. I try my best to respond as quickly as possible to emails, but please allow 24 - 48 hours for me to respond. I do not do email support on Saturday and Sunday unless you have a scheduled session or it is an urgent matter. I take great care in tracking emails and providing appropriate support, but I encourage all clients to use the tools from session as a first step.