Intuitive Readings help you understand your path.

Intuitive readings are a wonderful way to gain insight into what is happening in your life.  Although many of my clients who do readings often end up doing energy work, intuitive readings on their own are an incredible tool and offer each person a unique window into their current situation and overall journey.  Tarot gives us a vibrant symbolic landscape through which to view and better understand our lives. An example of questions I’ve been asked include “Am I on the right career path?,” “How do I move beyond my loved ones passing?,” and “Why is that I can’t seem to be happy in my marriage?” 

I love working with Vanessa. Her skills and experience give me a very different perspective and different tools to work with to gain insight and heal myself and my life. Being a “closet intuitive,” this approach has a good feel for me and is not limited by conventional standards of being logical or linear. Not that any of the work I have done in the past was all for naught. It all prepared me for this moment with Vanessa, and now I feel like I am moving at an accelerated pace. Vanessa provides an amazing amount of guidance, encouragement and support.
— Mary S.

Before our scheduled session, I will do a Celtic Cross read, track your picture and do a short journey.  When we speak on the phone, I will tune into you directly and you can ask any questions to which you feel drawn. The work I do prior to the reading helps me confirm what I see (or track) when we actually talk. I spend about 30 minutes prior to the session preparing for the session and the actual reading on the phone usually lasts anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes. If during the reading it becomes evident that energy work would be a good fit for you, then we’ll talk about a recommended path forward. 

My fee for Intuitive Readings is $125, and you can pay on the Purchase page. Please keep in mind that payment does not constitute a day and time of appointment, so please email me directly to schedule. I also offer gift certificates for people who wish to give a reading as a gift to a friend or loved one.  

If you are interested in a reading, I just ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to take responsibility for whatever emerges during the reading.  Ideally, you are ready to make changes in your life and are looking for help to move forward. Prior to our session, I ask that you email me the following:

  1.  A recent photo of yourself

  2.  List of questions you’d like answered

  3.  Date of Birth

When I look at your photo, I sometimes see words or images (like short movies) related to you or the issue about which you’re asking.  I don’t self-edit, so it’s wonderful to hear what I share resonate with my clients. In using the Celtic Cross Spread, the general theme of your questions is the intent when I do the spread.  I interpret the cards using traditional meanings as well as those developed during my shamanic training, but also what comes to me in the moment.  Following the tarot, I will share the journey and tune into your energy system and tell you what I see - this can be anything from cords connecting you to others, chakra imbalances, and what’s happening in or coming into your life.  The more my clients talk with me during the reading, the more I am able to read.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me.