These are not exhaustive examples of the homework assigned for energy healings, but they are key components clients are asked to work with after every session.


Sandpaintings are critically important, but can seem a little esoteric at first. The stones you use are wonderful allies. In basic terms, they hold heavy energy incredibly well and work with Pachamama (Mother Earth) to mulch out that energy. This means that all that hutcha, or heavy energy, doesn't stay stuck in your chakras or your field in general, which if left unchecked, can make you sick and also affect what you create for yourself. It's an essential tool to use as part of release work after session, or anytime you feel triggered or a charge.


This all may seem strange especially in modern western culture, but the more you work with sandpaintings, the more second nature it becomes - and the more you don't want to do without them. The basic foundation of creating sandpaintings is to form a solid border (or frame) from stones or small branches on the ground to hold the energy you will put inside of it. It's important there are no gaps in the border. This should be done outside on the Earth in a place where it will have some chance of not being disturbed. If outside is not an option, you can use a container like tupperware or a pot with a wide base so the stones can work without being too cramped. Use potting soil as the foundation. Set the intent that the rim of the container forms the border and envision a drain in the bottom. And of course, you may need smaller stones for those sandpaintings.

Sandpainting apt

Inside of the painting, you place the stones that you blow the heavy energy into - it's helpful if you can try to remember what stone represented what because as you work with the painting, and stones move and communicate, it will tell you a great deal about what you're trying to shift. The final stone is usually a stone into which you blow “anything I can’t see about this issue that remains in shadow.” The idea is to blow the heavy energy or emotion you feel into these stone allies until you can't feel it in your body anymore, similar to breathing done during a Yanachaqui. After you've put your stones into the painting, you can then add anything from nature that you feel drawn to use, like flowers, pinecones, or leaves. If it's a indoor painting, you can gather some of these from outside, or not.

Visit the sandpainting(s) every day and see what they have to tell you.  You may get a feeling, actual words, and see the painting shift both mythically and/or literally.  A client once emailed me out of shock because when she visited her painting, stones had switched positions and there was no "rational" explanation. Many things happen with these paintings and there is meaning with all of it.  Try to stay out of your head and tune in.

When you visit the painting and there is no more energy left, or it feels totally quiet or empty, it is done. Scatter the elements back to nature, or if it's inside, you can clear the stones you used with florida water, candle flame or leave them out in the sun for a while setting the intent to clear them.  Make sure to check your potting soil from time to time and refresh it, composting the old.


Altars are used to integrate the healing from session, as well as for manifesting heart's desires. Many people now are familiar with things like vision boards. Altars are different, but capture some similar energetics. 

After each Underworld session, I usually bring back a soul part, a power animal and a gift. There is variation, but generally this is a fair expectation. As part of the homework, I ask that you create an altar to help them integrate what returns. It's critical that you work with the soul part to ensure that that part of you reintegrates and becomes one with you again. All the healing, knowledge, wisdom and ability comes with that soul part and is directly related to the healing that took place in session. Whereas the soul part is 100% you, the power animal and gift are energies that you didn't necessarily have access to naturally up until that point. Exploring how the power animal and gift can be useful to you, and what it all means for you moving forward, is really important. 


Creating a solid border of sea salt or kosher, or in some cases depending on the issue or session it may be something else, you'll place a representation of the soul part, power animal and gift within the circle. These can be literal images, or in the case of the soul part, can also be abstract to represent the energy of that soul part that returned. As long as you can look at each representation and feel immediately, "That's my soul part" or "That's my jaguar," then it's a good fit. I also recommend using a tea light or white candle, along with key words or written beliefs that came back as part of the new contract. I feed my altars with various kinds of fun and beautiful confetti also. Think of it as feeding your soul, feeding the integration and the healing. You can also add anything else to the altar that makes sense for you and the healing. Sometimes it might be flowers or other items. It's up you. Lighting the candle and feeding the altar at the same time every day makes it a ritual and can be incredibly effective. I sometimes have multiple altars up in my home, including permanent ones like my family altar that we light together at night. Session helps each person explore these tools.



Salt baths and salt water next to your bed are two key tools you'll use while doing energy work. I recommend using kosher or natural sea salt for both. Salt baths help pull the heavy energy off your field to rebalance it. As you get into the bath, ask to be released from whatever it is you're working on, be it imprint or someone else's stuff. If possible get the 8 chakras into the water, don't worry about the 9th and on. Try to soak until you feel more grounded. If the water changes colors, such as a darker gray, don't be surprised - that's just the salt doing it's job. Having a small thing of salt water on your nightstand or under your bed where you sleep really helps absorb energy that you're releasing during sleep. This can assist with dreams and sleep patterns during release work. Make sure to dump it every day and replace it with fresh salt water, otherwise it won't do it's job and it's like sleeping with psychic toilet water next you. Salt can also be used in other ways, including altar borders, space clearing and in doorways for protection. These are all tools you learn through session work.


Fire Ceremony

Fire is an integral part of this shamanic tradition and an essential tool for healing. Fire is a fast transformer, so is a wonderful way to help shift old energy. As a client, you may do fire ceremonies using a real wood fire, alcohol fire or candle. Clients learn how to work fire as well as other types of ceremony through working with me. Fire ceremonies will vary depending on the healing work, and we'll go over it in session.