Shamanic work is experiential, meaning knowledge will come from your experience and from doing the work itself.  But these books, and others, are a great complement.

Elaine La Joie's five volume series, Empath as Archetype

Elaine La Joie's short novel about the soul mate relationship, The Girl and Her Being

Alberto Villoldo, Shaman, Healer, Sage

Alberto Villoldo, The Fourt Insights

Riso and Hudson, Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery

Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

Sonia Choquette, Psychic Pathway

Sonia Choquette, Your Heart's Desires: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want

Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light

Donna Eden, Energy Medicine


If you're interested in formal training, please see the below recommendations. Training can be a powerful complement to session work, and can also be very intense. As with all shamanic work, be prepared for and open to change.

Marv and Shanon Harwood, Kimmapii School Of Shamanism

The Four Winds

Sacred Pathways


In shamanic work, we look at our mythic maps and how to heal them. Our astrological chart is another way of looking at our mythic map and a wonderful complement to shamanic work. I have personally worked with Ji Hyang Padma and found it invaluable.

Ji Hyang Padma, Natural Wisdom


For florida water, rattles, palo santo, sage, sweetgrass, and other shamanic resources. If you are using florida water in your mouth, as I do, then I would recommend looking at low alcohol formulas or ones that specifically mention that they are good for use in that manner.  The sites below are suggestions, but are certainly not exhaustive. Try finding a local resource in your area.

Shaman's Market

For Tarot, I use the Rider Waite deck for sessions and ask all energy healing clients have this deck while they work with me. I use the pocket size for readings and the original larger size for altars. Below is the link for the pocket size deck.

Rider Waite Deck